Bio-Dermal Restoration

Collagen in its purified state it is mechanically weak and prone to rapid enzymatic degradation. Chemical cross-linking can enhance the mechanical properties and stability of collagen, though cross-linked collagens are less biocompatible due to changes in the overall microstructure and the cytotoxicity of the agents used.

EternoGen’s unique approach shields purified collagen matrices from enzymatic degradation by inhibiting the action of collagenase through applied nanotechnology. The natural open microstructure of collagen is retained forming a highly biocompatible matrix for cellular integration and dermal regeneration which lasts up to twice as long as most current dermal fillers.

The EternoGen portfolio comprises two new generation collagen products.

Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC)

RPC is an easy-to-inject liquid pure collagen that naturally integrates with the dermis and forms a contour stable matrix within minutes of injection. RPC’s integral chelating agent binds calcium ions, inhibiting collagenase activity and designed to extend duration beyond 12 months.

CG NanoMatrix™

EternoGen’s Platform CG NanoMatrix™ is specifically formulated to extend duration to around 2 years. Conjugated gold nanoparticles inhibit collagen degradation, stimulate tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation, which will increase treatment opportunity. This will further enhance the benefits for patients and practitioners and we expect novel uses to emerge.