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EternoGen opens offices at M2D2

Posted: 04 January 2017

The new office will allow the company to be close to their manufacturing site in Massachusetts and to capitalize on the skill base that comes with the dense clustering of similar firms in the region.

EA worked closely with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) on considering location options in Massachusetts to be close to their contract manufacturer, Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM) in Lee, Massachusetts. BSM is a leader in sterile manufacturing processes. EA plans to utilize the MLSC’s Internship Challenge program to recruit local talent in line with their expansion plans.

“We are pleased to welcome Eternogen to the M2D2 incubator,” said Stephen McCarthy, Founder & Director of M2D2. “Through the resources of UMass Lowell, the UMass Medical School, and in the Massachusetts entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole, we look forward to working with Eternogen and helping to advance their technology toward commercialization.”
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“We are delighted to announce this critical milestone for EA as we gear up for the European launch of Cellifique in 2017” explains Anna Tenstam, EA’s CEO. “Having an office close to our manufacturing site will significantly improve our operational efficiencies as we scale-up production. Equally Massachusetts has one of the largest concentrations of biotech and med tech activity in the world and being a part of this will give us access to some of the leading scientific and industry talent as we expand.”

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EternoGen Aesthetics completes its financing round securing $5MM to commercialize their first in class Bio-Dermal Restoration portfolio

Posted: 17 November 2015

EternoGen Aesthetics, LLC developer and manufacturer of advanced collagen scaffolds, announces the successful completion of its financial round. It has secured $5MM to prepare for the 2017 European commercialization of Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC Pure-Collagen), the first of a rich pipeline of products delivering natural results through Bio-Dermal Restoration in facial aesthetics.

This financing enables RPC Pure-Collagen to complete the European regulatory process. It also provides EternoGen Aesthetics with a strong foundation from which to expand RPC Pure-Collagen production and build a premium brand to create transformative change in the $3B (CAGR 12%) global facial injectable market.

“Completion of this financing round reflects the broad confidence in our unique proposition. The facial injectable market is ripe for innovation and there is a clear need for an option that truly restores the skin’s supporting dermal tissue both structurally and dynamically. Replacing like with like RPC Pure-Collagen will provide natural lasting results particularly in those aesthetically prominent and challenging areas such as lips” said Anna Tenstam, EternoGen Aesthetics CEO.

At the recent American Society of Dermatological Surgeons (ASDS) conference in Chicago, a panel of leading dermatologists determined RPC Pure-Collagen to be a promising innovation among 6 technologies presented at the Shark Tank session “Entrepreneurs Among us: Take a Risk or Get out of the Water”. 73% of the attending physicians thought RPC Pure-Collagen would enhance procedure outcomes and 65% believed it would improve care for patients.

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About RPC Pure-Collagen – RPC Pure-Collagen is a viscous material made of porcine collagen with EDTA and D-Mannitol at a physiological pH provided in a 1 ml Luer-lockTM syringe that can be administered through a fine gauge needle or micro-cannula (30Ga). The viscous composition polymerizes into a fibrous scaffold following injection into dermal or subcutaneous tissue. Following implantation, the RPC Pure-Collagen reacts with local tissue and fibrillogenesis is initiated to convert the collagen solution into a fiber matrix. The EDTA acts as a stabilizer of these collagen fibrils, while the mannitol provides physiologic osmolality. The clinician can manipulate the fiber matrix for a short period (approximately 30 seconds) following implantation to achieve the desired level of correction. The formed matrix provides a scaffold for host fibroblast infiltration and integration with adjacent collagen tissue. The body slowly resorbs the implant.

About EternoGen Aesthetics. EternoGen Aesthetics is a commercial stage Medical Device Company that has developed a transformative pipeline of advanced collagen scaffolds to deliver Bio-Dermal Restoration.
The parent Company EternoGen, LLC was founded in 2009 by an award winning academic research group from the University of Missouri, led by Professor Sheila Grant, a world authority in biomaterials. The management team of EternoGen Aesthetics, LLC is a group of proven industry veterans with strong connections needed for successful commercialization into the aesthetic medicine market.

This news does not constitute an offer of securities for sale in the United States, and no securities may be offered or sold in the United States absent registration under the Securities Act of 1933 and applicable state law, or exemptions thereof.

EternoGen Aesthetics takes on Sharks at the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

Posted: 21 October 2015

EternoGen excelled in the 2015 ASDS Shark Tank: Entrepreneurs Among us: Take a Risk or Get out of the Water! A panel of entrepreneurial commentators (Moderator: Joel Cohen, MD, Tina Alster, MD, Roy Geronemus, MD, Stepehn Mandy, MD) challenged presenters on the validity of their scientific information and the practical application in a clinical setting for possible future offerings.
Dr. Neil Sadick presented on EternoGen Aesthetic’s Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (RPC Pure Collagen) , an injectable collagen for biodermal restoration in the aesthetic market. Dr. Sadick highlighted the product features such as smooth liquid injection, tissue integration, rapid polymerisation and natural feel. He presented the clinical data from the European Clinical Trial.
The panel of sharks were attracted to the product and the opportunity. A survey around 60 physicians in the audience indicated that 73% think the technology will enhance procedure outcomes, 65% of physicians think this will improve care for patients, and 66% believe the treatment would be worth the potential added cost to the practice.
In comparison to all technologies presented, RPC Pure Collagen received the best response from both the sharks and physicians.

Professor Sheila Grant, EternoGen's CTO featured in Columbia Business Times

Posted: 20 October 2015

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IMCAS Paris 2015. Dr Christopher Inglefield will present the results of the Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (“RPC Pure-Collagen”) human pilot study.

Posted: 15 January 2015

Dr Christopher Inglefield will present the results of the Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (“RPC Pure-Collagen”) human pilot study during IMCAS Paris 2015. Sunday 1st February; room 2; Session 80; Research and Development. He will also present RPC Pure-Collagen during session 81; New Products and Devices

The purpose of the pilot clinical study was to evaluate the safety and tolerability of a novel, porcine collagen-based composition Rapid Polymerizing Collagen intended for soft issue augmentation or used to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles and folds including nasolabial folds. The RPC Pure-Collagen is comprised of porcine collagen dialyzed against EDTA with Mannitol0.035mM (EDTA) to provide a neutral pH, in situ polymerizable composition that rapidly forms a fibrous scaffold following injection into dermal or subcutaneous tissue. RPC Pure Collagen is supplied as a viscous gel that can be injected through 30 Gauge needles and cannula. In preclinical animal studies, RPC Pure-Collagen was shown to be durable and biocompatible up to 6 months.

This study demonstrated that there were no implant site reactions recorded during the study period neither on the forearms nor on the upper back. Moreover the biopsies taken from the upper-back of the male subjects, where the RPC Pure-Collagen was injected, did not show any signs of inflammation nor foreign body inflammatory response. Based on these findings it is concluded that the included subjects did not show signs of hypersensitivity to the RPC Pure-Collagen injections. Both the physicians and subjects noted a market improvement that was maintained throughout the study period. No adverse events were reported during the study period. The RPC Pure-Collagen seems to be a safe and possibly effective option to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles and folds including nasolabial folds.

Dr Neil Sadick will lecture on Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (“RPC Pure-Collagen”) at IMCAS Paris 2015 on Saturday 31st room 4, session 65, “New Generation Fillers”.

Posted: 15 January 2015

Dr Neil Sadick will lecture on Rapid Polymerizing Collagen (“RPC Pure-Collagen”) at IMCAS Paris 2015 on Saturday 31st room 4, session 65, “New Generation Fillers”.

Dr Sadick’s presentation will highlight the need for a advanced collagen scaffolds, the technology and clinical support behind RPC-Pure Collagen and the future clinical utility of Bio-Dermal Restoration.

EternoGen Featured in University Alumni Magazine

Posted: 14 August 2014

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Five years ago, Sheila Grant helped found a company. It felt strange. As a professor in the department of biological engineering, a dual program between the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR), and the College of Engineering, her job and aspirations had always been institutional: perform well in teaching and research, earn tenure, and publish in important journals. Jumping into a startup was a sweaty-palm moment. But she wasn’t on her own. She had promising lab research behind her, a host of Mizzou programs to support her and a team of collaborators to bring with her. Five years in, her company has raised $2 million from investors and is about to launch a product that could revolutionize the multibillion-dollar aesthetic medicine market.

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Tenstam Lundvall’s biggest claim to fame is bringing hyaluronic acid to America — the beauty medicine equivalent of introducing the iPod. The product is delivered by syringe into the face to give a quick boost of volume, which smoothes deep lines and wrinkles and makes skin look younger. The procedure takes a few minutes to perform, and the effects last an average of six to 12 months. Americans are enamored. They injected their faces with it 1.9 million times in 2013, making hyaluronic acid the second most popular aesthetic medicine procedure to Botox.

But it’s no substitute for collagen.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body and is found in the extracellular matrix that skin cells sit on. But unlike collagen, which makes up 70 to 80 percent of skin by dry weight, it is not a structural component of the skin itself. The loss of collagen as we age contributes to the condition dermal fillers are trying to correct: skin that has lost elasticity, volume and developed wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid inflates the skin with moisture, but the skin soon deflates, whereas collagen is a natural scaffold for the skin that actually helps rebuild it.

But collagen is difficult to work with. Simply injecting it into the skin is not enough. In its natural state, injected collagen would be quickly broken down by collagenase, a natural enzyme found in the body. So what companies have done — and this treatment is only available in Europe — is to “cross-link” it. Collagen is composed of three peptide chains wrapped around one another in a triple-helix pattern. Linking multiple chains together extends collagen’s life, but it also causes it to bunch up, making it more likely that the body will treat it as a foreign object. Typical treatments last three to six months.


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